Fuelsave Solutions is a family run business with many years experience in the field of renewable energy. We aim to offer our customers a more personal service than the larger national companies and pride ourselves on our after sales service. After an order is placed with us all of our customers are allocated an individual account handler that will guide you through every element of the installation process from start to finish.

At Fuelsave Solutions we can offer our customers competitive prices on all our renewable energy products which are tailor made to suit your home or business.

Solar PV

Solar PV stands for 'solar photovoltaic' and refers to a process of electricity generation which uses semiconductors to convert solar radiation into electricity. Solar PV panels are amongst the most effective and popular means of renewable energy generation available and due to their simplicity, durability and efficiency they are being installed in ever increasing volumes.

The British Isles may not be famed for levels of sunlight but the high efficiency of solar PV panels allows them to convert light on a cloudy day into substantial amounts of electricity. This direct current (DC) electricity is converted into alternating current (AC) electricity which can be used in the home - or exported to the national grid if not used.

In addition to providing homeowners with a source of free electricity, PV Solar panel systems are also a guaranteed means of income thanks to the Feed in Tariff Scheme which pays Solar PV system owners a set rate for every unit of electricity they produce (whether it is used or sold back to the grid). For more information about the benefits of domestic solar panels contact us for a free survey.

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